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How to Buy?

Simply go to Gsm Player Website. Choose your favorite product and move towards checkout. At the Payment Option Choose QisstPay for payment.

How Many Installments Options Are There?

Simply go to Gsm Player Website. Choose your favorite product and move towards checkout. At the Payment Option Choose QisstPay for payment.

1. Pay in 4 (For Debit & Credit Card Holders)
Pay in 4 installments for items between Rs. 1,500 & Rs. 50,000 (Any Debit & Credit Card).

2. Pay in 6 (For Credit Card Holders)
Pay in 6 installments for items between Rs. 5,000 & Rs. 500,000 (Any Credit Card).

What is the payment method?

Customers will have the option to pay via Credit/Debit Card for the Pay in 4 models. The total amount is broken down into 4 payments & the first payment is made at the time of purchase. The 2nd payment is due thirty days later and all payments are recovered by QisstPay at the end of the 3rd month.

How to check per month installment?

Use this our installment calculator and type just product amount and then you can see per month installment amount in same page.

Qisst Calculator

Will I Be Charged Interest-Fee Apart From My Product Price?

No, We Don’t Charge Any Interest-Fee To You. Just Nominal Bank charges will be charged on each of the Options (Pay in 4 / Pay in 6).

Can I Use QisstPay Without Debit/Credit Card Purchase?

No, You Can Only Avail QisstPay While Using Debit/Credit Card While Online Payments are Being Turned On.

How Can I Return A Product?

Merchant Return Policy Will Apply. You Will Directly Return All Items To The Merchant.

How does it work with QisstPay?

When customers choose the product and proceed to checkout where he/she will choose QisstPay as a payment option. Customers will route to the Qisstpay portal to complete the transaction. After adding the phone number, the customer will receive the OTP on SMS. After putting OTP, the customer has to opt for the plan (Pay in 4 / Pay in 6), this plan should be matched with which he/she choose at the time of checkout. If everything is in order, they can add their credit/debit card details to complete the purchase.

When will the customer be refunded after cancellation or return?

After the return/cancellation, your customer will be able to see the refunded amount back in the Original card they used for the purchase and any due payment related to it canceled. This usually takes between 14-21 working days depending on the customer’s bank.

Will the customer’s PayPak, Union Pay, or International Card work for this?

No, Only MasterCard and VISA cards are accepted.

Is our bank account safe?

QisstPay, Is an American company with which we have an agreement, if you are not satisfied with this company, you can create a new bank account and keep in it the amount you need to purchase.

*Any unauthorized use of the virtual card will be considered theft and/or fraud, and will be declined and or reversed and may lead to deactivation of your account, among other remedies to which QisstPay may be entitled.

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