Mobile Cell Phone Repairing Dictionary – Meaning of Terms used in Mobile Phone Repairing

Before you learn how to repair a mobile phone, it is very important to understand meanings of some of the important terms used during mobile phone repairing. Read and understand these terms and their meaning. This will help you later during the course of mobile cell phone repairing.

  1. 1G: 1St Generation in Mobile Telephony.
  2. 2G: 2Nd Generation in Mobile Telephony.
  3. 3G: 3Rd Generation in Mobile Telephony.
  4. 4G: 4Th Generation in Mobile Telephony.
  5. AC: Alternate Current.
  6. BGA: Ball Grid Array.
  7. BSI: Battery Status Indicator.
  8. CDMA: Code Division Multiple Access.
  9. CPU: Central Processing Unit.
  10. DCT: Digital Core Technology.
  11. DC: Direct Current.
  12. GSM: Global System for Mobile Communications.
  13. IMEI: International Mobile Equipment Identity.
  14. IC: Integrated Circuit.
  15. LED: Light Emitting Diode.
  16. PDA: Personal Digital Assistant.
  17. PFO: Power Frequency Oscillator.
  18. PCB: Printed Circuit Board.
  19. RAM: Random Access Memory.
  20. RF: Radio Frequency.
  21. ROM: Read Only Memory.
  22. RTC: Real Time Clock.
  23. RX: Receive / Receiver (Receiving Section).
  24. SMD: Surface Mount Device.
  25. TX: Transmit (Transmitting Section).
  26. UEM: Universal Energy Manager.
  27. VCO: Voltage-Controlled Oscillator.

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